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Xentral Processing Unit  |  un_n n°1

As the first release from JEMAPUR's private archive UN_N is titled "Xentral Processing Unit", a culmination of the CPU era that took eight years to create. This album features compositions produced between 2012 and 2020, with a focus on the exploration of sound synthesis through CPU and DSP. The production heavily incorporates open-source software, plugins, libraries, patches, and sound programming languages that abound on the internet. The album captures a fanatical endeavor to embed the results obtained from techniques such as granular synthesis, spectral processing, and live coding into the musical structures.

All sound structures are made by JEMAPUR in between 2012-2020
trk. 3: sound materials originally made by v4w.enko


1 Neutral Cognition 2 Extended Organs 3 First Frequency Space (*sound materials by v4w.enko)
4 Quadruplex 5 Entanglement 6 Isolated Singularity 7 Decode 8 Infinite Loops 9 Physical
10 Prolegomena 11 Graviton 12 Orbital Paths 13 Proton Central 14 Rhizome

Unsensed Sensibilia  |  un_n n°2

The second release from JEMAPUR's private archive UN_N is a conceptual ambient album titled 'Unsensed Sensibilia'. This work was created through the artist's experience as an artist-in-residence at De School in 2019, which led to a sense of skepticism towards creative activities in urban environments. Upon returning home, the artist relocated their base to a naturally abundant area and produced this album within that context. In this work, the artist seeks to perceive and collect the natural dynamic range inherent in the collective soundscape created by countless phenomena in the natural world. Through musical fusion, the boundaries between natural phenomena and human expression are blurred, resulting in an exploration of ambiguity.

All sound structures are made by JEMAPUR in between 2019-2022


1 Liminal Scape 2 Gestaltkreis 3 Reminiscence I (Rembrandtpark)
4 Reminiscence II (Vondelpark) 5 The Archic Revival 6 Timelessly Eternal
7 All Things Are In Perpetual Flux 8 Akasha

Inner Universe  |  un_n n°3

The third release from JEMAPUR's private archive UN_N, "Inner Universe" is an album that compiles hypnotic minimalism and drones, manifesting a meditative world emanating from the inner universe. Created during the same period as "Unsensed Sensibilia". This work reflects a transitional phase towards modular synthesizers and possesses an aspect of experimentation. Through the control of signals by voltage, the intricate fluctuations of various cycles intertwine and gradually transform within a spacious timeframe, acquiring the ecological nature of sound. This album captures a series of these phenomena, observed and recorded through the lens of a highly personal interest.

All sound structures are made by JEMAPUR in between 2019-2022


1 Optical Axis 2 Diquís Spheres 3 The Doors Of Perception 4 GINGA
5 Vantablack Pyramids 6 Zero Point Motion 7 Personal Horizon



UN_N, a private unknown media archive of JEMAPUR, which had existed in hidden mode since 2015, was unveiled in the wake of the annular total solar eclipse on 20 April, 2023.
Listening Compositions

We envision these sound sources being played on an audio system capable of reproducing the ultra-sonic bandwidth. We also recommend using DSD upsampling processing on Audirvāna with an RME ADI-2 series to listen to our high-definitive linear-PCM audio format for optimal results.

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